我们一直在努力 我们力争给客户最好的技术,最优质的产品!

Your first choice of Strain gage supplier.

Strain Gage for Precious Transducers - at HT you will find the reliable supplier.

Professional service comes from endless pursuit in HT.

Strain Gage for all kinds of Stress Analysis, such as PCB Stress Test etc.

At HT you find the good solution.

Best choice for the application of all kinds of electronic weighing devies.

We supply the core of sensor, and you are the core of HT business.

We supply the Gauge (relative), absolute, and sealed gauge pressure sensors, which are applied for process control systems, industrial controls, pneumatic and hydraulic controls, pressure transmitters, pressure calibrators etc.

Catalogue of load cell_updated verson

The main load cells we are supplying.

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Catalogue of semiconductor strain gages in PDF

TP series semiconductor strain gauges

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Catalogue of Strain gages for transducer in PDF

The catalogue of Strain gages for transducer application

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Catalogue of strain gage for anaylsis in PDF

Catalogue of strain gage for anaylsis

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Strain Gage Installation Guide

Strain Gage Installation Guide

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